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legal constraints on

games and interactive entertainment

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April 2021

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Mythology holds that videogames were birthed by garage hackers in a world of uninhibited creative freedom. This makes the reality that games actually inhabit a regulatory world all that much more difficult to understand or accept. Whether or not we choose to acknowledge it, games and interactive entertainment are currently heavily regulated. In-house counsel and video game lawyers constantly have to untangle layer after layer of un-harmonized laws and regulations to have their creations and services reach global audiences. Mostly, these mechanisms of legal oversight are tone-deaf to videogames, as they are rarely designed or implemented with interactive entertainment in mind, or where they are, they are likely to be the reactionary result of a moral panic. This edition of MTJG will focus on the nature and scope of the game industry’s legal constraints, with a particular focus on controversial pending legislation and regulation.




Leigh Ann Lucero

Assistant General Counsel, Gaming, Microsoft


Leonard Bendel

European General Counsel at ZeniMax Europe

Rebecca Chong.jfif

Rebecca Chong

Senior Legal Counsel at SuperAwesome

Mia Consalvo.jpg

Professor Mia Consalvo

Canada Research Chair in Game Studies & Design, Concordia University


Kostantin Ewald

Partner, Osborne Clarke

Daria Firsava.png

Darya Firsava

Head of Intellectual Property, Senior Counsel at Wargaming

Paul Gardner.jpg

Paul Gardner

Partner, Wiggin


Sara Bacchio

Case Handler, European Commission


Professor Ted Castronova

Professor of Media, Indiana University

TCJ Portrait photo - cropped.jpg

Lord Clement-Jones

Chair of Council of QMUL and Chair of the Advisory Council of the Institute for Ethical AI in Education

Willy Duhen.jpg

Dr Willy Duhen

Senior Manager, Legal-Int Activision Blizzard


Professor Jon Festinger


Dimiter Gantchev.png

Dimiter Gantchev

Creative Industries Director, WIPO


Tom Harding

Partner, Osborne Clarke


Professor Julia Hornle

Internet Law, CCLS, QMUL


Gordon Humphrey

Chairperson First Board of Appeal, Boards of Appeal, EUIPO


Maria Ioannidou

Senior Lecturer, CCLS


Sean Kane

Partner, Frankfurt Kurnit

Scott M. Kelly.jpg

Scott Kelly

Partner, Banner & Witcoff


Dr Yin Harn Lee

Lecturer, University of Bristol


Dr Andreas Lober

Partner, Beiten Burkhardt


Clemens Mayer-Wegelin

European General Counsel, Nintendo

Rafal Kloczko.jpg

Rafal Kloczko

Chief Counsel, CD PROJEKT RED


Elise Lemaire

Director Of Operations at Rovio Entertainment Corporation


Kostya Lobov

Senior Associate, Harbottle & Lewis


Dr Michaela McDonald

Lecturer, QMUL

DMichels Pic.png

David Michels

CCLS Cloud Legal Project


Canon Pence

General Counsel, Epic Games


Kelvin Plomer

Director of Player Experience


Andrea Rizzi.png

Andrea Rizzi

Partner, Insight Studio Legale

Tamara Sakolchyk.png

Tamara Sakolchyk

Head of Legal & Business Practice,



Dr Kim Voll

Co-Founder, Stray Bombay


Professor Andrew Phelps

University of Canterbury


Arty Rajendra

Partner, Osborne Clarke


Gwilym Roberts

Chairman, Killburn & Strode

Sabina Tsakova.png

Sabina Tsakova

EU Commission, Copyright Unit


Professor Lorna Woods

University of Essex

Draft Agenda

Cloud Gaming

  • Leigh Ann Lucero, Assistant General Counsel, Gaming, Microsoft

  • David  Michels, CCLS Cloud Project

  • Tamara Sakolchyk, Head of Legal & Business Practice, Wargaming

  • Dr Andreas Lober, Partner, Beiten Burkhardt

Intellectual Property Law

  • Gordon Humphrey, Chairperson First Board of Appeal, Board of Appeal, EUIPO

  • Arty Rajendra, Partner, Osborne Clarke

  • Professor Gwilym Roberts, Chairman, Killburn & Strode, Honorary Secretary of CIPA

  • Scott Kelly, Partner, Banner & Witcoff

  • Professor Jon Festinger, UBC & CCLS, QMUL

The Digital Single Market Directive

  • Kostantin Ewald, Partner, Osborne Clarke

  • Sabina Tzakova, EU Commission Copyright Unit

  • Kostya Lobov, Senior Associate, Harbottle and Lewis

Virtual Property

  • Professor Ted Castronova, Professor of Media, Indiana University

  • Dr Michaela McDonald, Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London


Age Verification and Parental Controls

  • Professor Julia Hornle, Professor of Internet Law, CCLS, QMUL

  • Dr Willy Duhen, Senior Manager, Legal - International, Activision Blizzard

  • Rebecca Chong, Senior Legal Counsel, SuperAwesome

  • Clemens Mayer-Wegelin, LL.M., European General Counsel, Nintendo

The Power of Games and Immersive Technologies 

  • Professor Andrew Phelps, University of Canterbury

  • Professor Mia Consalvo, Canada Research Chair in Game Studies & Design, Concordia University

  • Dr Kim Voll, Co-Founder, Stray Bombay Company

  • Elise Lemarie, Director of Operations, Rovio Entertainment Corporation

The DCMS Select Committee Report

  • Lord Clement Jones, CBE

  • Professor Lorna Woods, University of Essex

  • Kelvin Plomer, Director of Player Experience, Jagex

The EU Regulatory Framework

  • Dr Yin Harn Lee, Lecturer, University of Bristol

  • Paul Gardner, Partner, Wiggin

  • Tom Harding, Partner, Osborne Clarke

Competition Law

  • Maria Ioannidou, Senior Lecturer in Competition Law, CCLS

  • Andrea Rizzi, Partner, Insight Studio Legale

  • Sean Kane, Partner, Frankfurt Kurnit

  • Sara Bacchio, Case Handler, European Commission

In-House Perspectives

  • Dimiter Gantchev, Creative Industries Director, WIPO

  • Leonard Bendel, European General Counsel, ZeniMax Europe

  • Rafal Kloczko, Chief Counsel, CD PROJEKT RED

  • Darya Firsavia, Head of Intellectual Property, Senior Counsel, Wargaming (tbc)

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