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 On the Road 


19 October 2018

beiten burkhardt


​Programme 1/2

Welcome by  Dr Gaetano Dimita & Dr Andreas Lober

youth protection, censorship and culture panel

Chair: Petra Fröhlich, Editor in Chief, Gameswirtschaft

  • Professor Jon Festinger, UBC & CCLS, QMUL

  • Taras Derkatsch, Lawyer, BEITEN BURKHARDT Moscow

  • Dr Andreas Lober, Partner, BEITEN BURKHARDT, Frankfurt am Main

  • Richard Sheridon, Assistant Manager Europe Age Ratings, Nintendo

M&A Fireside Chat

  • Mark Miller, CEO & Managing Partner, CatCap

  • Dr Gesine von der Groeben, Partner, BEITEN BURKHARDT, Frankfurt am Main

​Professor Jon Festinger, UBC & CCLS, QMUL, Streaming Boxes


Felix Hilgert, LL.M., Counsel, Osborne Clarke, Cologne, Right of withdrawal for digital content

Olaf Weber, LL.M., Judge in Saarbrücken, Filesharing: insides and anecdotes from a judge

Professor Dr Michael Ronellenfitsch, DPA Hessen, More than just a Game: Law and Regulation of Games

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